[EDITING] Deus Ex Log output catcher

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[EDITING] Deus Ex Log output catcher

Postby ~ô¿ô~Nobody~ » Sun Feb 11, 07 6:39 pm

Actually everything is explained in the readme, thus I'll just say what it does.

The mod is able to catch the log output, which is sent to the server console.
It's pointed to modders, who can extend their mods on the LogCatcher and use the supplied feature.

If it does something odd, feel free to contact me. :)

PS: In case there are problems with the installation. FIRST RTFM, then contact me :P
There you go!
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Postby Alex » Sun Mar 04, 07 1:07 pm

I finally used it :) Great stuff, without it, my latest mod wouldn't be possible.
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