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Postby Spiderbot01 » Fri Mar 21, 08 12:04 am

It's spelt grammar.

It's an 'a', not an 'e'.

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Postby CyberKill » Fri Mar 21, 08 12:25 pm

but its spelt grimmer to people who are bad at english.
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Postby Imperial » Fri Mar 21, 08 7:03 pm

I was expecting something exciting.

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Postby ~M3GG4~ » Fri Mar 21, 08 7:11 pm

This topic was enjoyable.
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Postby synthetic » Sat Mar 22, 08 7:56 pm

pfft grammer nazi

funnily enough this error almost solely occurs in the posts made by united kingdom residents, as far as ive seen on these forums.
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Postby ~SaSQuAtCH~ » Mon Mar 24, 08 9:50 pm

Is me bad englisch?
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Postby {17}Ales » Tue Mar 25, 08 12:20 pm

Grammar ^^

EDIT: Doh stupid auto spelling fix :D
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Postby Mr. Tastix » Tue Mar 25, 08 1:40 pm

Yes, I know it's spelt grammar. I'm just a fucktard and usually spelt grammer without noticing. Hazard...
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