Okay. Wh.at the fuck?

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Okay. Wh.at the fuck?

Postby Gishank » Tue Apr 01, 08 10:15 am

Ri.ght, wh.at's w.ith t.he "PORN" foru.m. An.d t.hat backgr.ound s.ong... Wh.at hav.e yo.u peopl.e done.! =O

As.well a.s th.is stu.pid wo.rd cen.sor?
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Postby Kaiden » Tue Apr 01, 08 10:16 am

Hi there, how have you been?
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Postby Siva » Tue Apr 01, 08 1:34 pm

Delicious firefox without quicktime
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Postby Mr. Tastix » Tue Apr 01, 08 2:32 pm

You dumbasses have never heard of APRIL FOOLS DAY have you? Rofl. I think it's fucking brilliant!
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Postby Osiris » Tue Apr 01, 08 10:54 pm

... I thought i got a browser hijack there for a moment when i heard the music xD
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Postby or 1=1 » Wed Apr 02, 08 12:38 am

same xD
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Postby Psycho » Wed Apr 02, 08 7:03 pm

I thought my Computer was hungry :D
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Postby Alex » Thu Apr 10, 08 8:44 am

That was a fun April 1st. Now, let's think of a joke for next year.
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Postby Siva » Thu Apr 10, 08 1:44 pm

Deus Ex 3 released
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Postby Batchy » Thu Apr 10, 08 3:21 pm

XII//:Protocol wrote:Deus Ex 3 released

Mr.Fagstix wrote:This is why I fucking hate you. Because somehow you manage to take somebodies posts, twist them against them, troll them and flame bait them and then you still get away with it? Is this forums management on fucking crack or some shit? Fucking SERIOUSLY.
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Postby ~M3GG4~ » Thu Apr 10, 08 9:53 pm

you didn't have to ambush the joke :wink: lol jk

Dragon Force should be re-done.. it was fun and exciting..Seriously, that music was catchy, and my eyes became acustom to the constant flicker of lights, to bad for the epileptic users of the forum =[
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Postby Tantalus » Thu Apr 17, 08 3:27 pm

Kanye West wrote:Delicious firefox without quicktime
Of course I had to embed the piece of shit.
Signatures are dumb.

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