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Postby Spiderbot01 » Wed Jun 04, 08 7:05 pm

I am a spokesman for the legendary The A Team.

We were called to duty, we came, we saw, we had a wank, we came again and then we conquered. You can all rest assured that your beloved heroes were here to save the motherfucking day once again.

Wherever there are problems, wherever there is strife, chances are we started it, but know this, we will always be there, hiding in the shadows, waiting to solve the problems faggots from Slovenia and 40 year old men make.

It is for this reason, the day once again being motherfucking saved, that The A Team return to the shadows, return to the darkness, waiting for the inevitable time that one of us needs a wank and the time that the day need once more be saved.

We love you, our children. We are always here for you.

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Postby Dex » Wed Jun 04, 08 7:16 pm

I love The A Team so much...
And lol at that post :lol:
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Postby Mr. Tastix » Thu Jun 05, 08 2:42 am

LOL. The A Team to the rescue! Fucking awesome. But if you start problems how come you only fix those from 40 year old Slovenians?
Blood is thicker than water and sweeter than candy.
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Postby Psycho » Thu Jun 05, 08 7:43 am

DejaVu is secretly MISLovenia he told me :O
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