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Postby Dae » Mon Apr 19, 10 10:23 pm

MainMan wrote:If you disagree with me, post constructively

My point stands,
Dae wrote:Why would I want to waste time disproving your (provocative) assumption if you gave yourself a trouble to provide anything to back it up?

In other words, if you want to have a constructive discussion, start it constructively.
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Postby James » Mon Apr 19, 10 10:25 pm

Why is psychotic not welcome on the forum any more? The flame wasn't even that bad yet he got a permanent ban..?

And that majinbuu guy too, even though I don't know him really

my patience

it ran out

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I am dead.
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Postby clyzm » Mon Apr 19, 10 10:26 pm


fuckin' discussions
how do they work
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