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Forum updates

Postby Alex » Thu Aug 09, 12 9:54 am

Made a small adjustment to the forum today.

If an user tries to post a message that contains links whilst having less than 5 posts, the message will be blocked.
This is to prevent spam posts being made.

Should you experience any difficulties/bugs with this adjustment, please notify us so we can solve the issue.
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Postby ~DJ~ » Thu Aug 09, 12 2:47 pm

hmm, that is indeed a clever fix for those pesky spambots! :lol:
I haven't tested yet, but I suppose it'll happen automatically once I post a link, so I'll be sure to inform if I face any problem. :)
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Postby Alex » Sat Aug 11, 12 9:17 am

Another small adjustment.

When registering a new account, it is no longer possibly to fill out fields such as: MSN, AIM, Yahoo, nor location, occupation, interests and the signature field.

This is to prevent spam. After registration and reaching at least 5 posts, the fields will be enabled again.
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Postby Psychotic » Sat Aug 11, 12 10:43 am

Sounds good, won't be much of an issue for any of us.

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