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Postby Aidan » Thu Oct 13, 11 5:40 am

Hey, are you into Darkstep at all?

Sub-genre of Grime with a twist of deep house.

I like it because Skrillex doesn't fly off the stage or smash his macbook.


Favorite part is the last third in the song here ^.




You can actually hear the artistic quality in these pieces. The Bass is used to add ambiance, and relaxation.
Psychokiller, spelled incorrectly.
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Postby clyzm » Tue Nov 15, 11 7:03 pm

m8 didn't even see this

Darkstep is some great stuff man. Broken Note yadig
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Postby [FGS]Fear » Tue Nov 15, 11 8:39 pm

originating from good ol' GRIMEEE, before it lost its originality in 2005ish
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