DX:IW - Black Screen / Crashes

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DX:IW - Black Screen / Crashes

Postby Medevila » Wed Feb 23, 11 2:38 am

I have a widescreen mod installed, and am playing with vanilla textures.

I start a new game, everything works fine, I get to the character creation screen, and then it's black. HOWEVER- I can still see my HUD, and hear myself walking around and such when I move.

I have tried,
1. Running as admin. (Steam version, so this doesn't work at ALL)
2. Running with Win7 Aero disabled. (The game did this by default anyway)
3. Uninstalling texture pack

Running the game with no mods at all works fine, but I want (need) to play it at a widescreen resolution.
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Postby Medevila » Wed Feb 23, 11 4:14 am

Fixed by removing user.ini, verifying game files (so Steam would redownload it,) and NOT modifying it (regardless of what the guide said.)

Works fine now.
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Postby Aidan » Wed Feb 23, 11 6:13 am

Glad to hear :)
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Postby James » Wed Apr 13, 11 8:09 pm

Got the same error after installing FOV changes, unified texture pack set to English (UK) and DXtool (just to see what it does, will be salvaging some User.ini changes) using Steam edition. Will tell you how I fixed it when I finish re-installing and reapplying mods (kept backups of user.ini and engine.d2u, will re-install Unified as English US.)

edit: user.ini resolution changes ok
edit: default.ini hud changes ok
edit: engine.d2u changes ok
edit: unified texture pack set to US English ok, seems to be installer only though.

So basically

fuck the tweaking tool "DXTool", it only edits .d2us and .inis anyway. worth making an archive of this i reckon of useful changes.
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Postby zeroidea » Wed May 25, 11 8:20 pm

This stopped when I set the compatibility options for DX2Main.exe and Ion Launcher.exe to "Disable desktop composition". Win7 64bit, Steam version, widescreen, with unified texture pack. The black screen had been a showstopper. Disabling composition also improves loading, no more flashing to the desktop.
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