DX:IW - HUD re-sizing

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DX:IW - HUD re-sizing

Postby James » Thu Apr 14, 11 12:13 am

Deus Ex: Invisible War - Head's Up Display re-sizing

On some resolution ratios, the HUD can appear very large and ugly. To fix this please see the following steps:
  • Go to your installation's \system folder
  • Open the "default.ini" file
  • Look for [WindowManager] and find "FOV__d="
  • Change the value to the following depending on your resolution ratio:

    Code: Select all
    FOV__d=58 for 16:10

    Code: Select all
    FOV__d=53 for 16:9

    4: 3
    Code: Select all

Once done save the file and try launching the game to see your HUD size has improved.
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Postby Shinobi » Thu Apr 14, 11 10:11 am

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