The Mdoa Zombie mod

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The Mdoa Zombie mod

Postby Defy » Sun Nov 11, 12 5:55 am

I am the creator originally known as Mdoa, Rainy, etc.
Taking a break from the game i'm developing and came back to
work on my mod.
I've changed my name many many times over the years lol.
Will be changing the mod name once i think of a name for it.
Anyways.. This is the first time I've ever actually released my mod. Everyone's always gotten it from my cache xD
Made a few changes/fixes and figured i'd upload it for once.

-Fixed the wave spawners
use the InfectedSpawn and InfectedMutator.
Add them to any map, play and enjoy.
-Fixed a few script warnings
-Fixed most of the weapons..
like the crossbow finally shooting
through multiple zombies.

Could use some help if anyone wants to pitch in.
Created a group page to contact me on facebook called DefyInc as well
for all the projects I'm working on. Appreciate it if you join.
Also need some ideas for the ultimate boss zombie, maps, etc.
Can post anything you want to see in the mod or problems with it there.
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Postby China » Mon Nov 12, 12 8:19 am

Great work, very happy to see you are still improving the mod. A boss zombie sounds interesting, perhaps something along the lines of the tank from Left 4 dead would be pretty cool if possible.
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Postby Kalman11 » Tue Nov 13, 12 6:56 am

Gunther as Tank, or Anna Navarre as Witch :D
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Postby Defy » Thu Nov 15, 12 6:15 am

Made a zombie that looks similar to the witch from left 4 dead, but screams like the screamer from killing floor. Have a tank type boss. could make him throw rocks or something i suppose?
Was thinking something more like.. The patriarch from killing floor, but with more realistic attacks. instead of rockets and machine guns.. maybe have some AOE attacks that are more realistic? stuff that wouldn't require a new mesh or animations if anyone can think of anything?

Half finished with a huge city map. Making it for a story mode, but i'll prob use it as a survival gametype with waves until i finish the mod.
May upload the map or screen shots so you can see how its coming out.
Could definitely use a good mapper if anyone's interested?
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