Compared to todays garbage

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Compared to todays garbage

Postby Siva » Tue Feb 18, 14 2:05 am

This game is fantastic
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Postby CyberP » Tue Feb 18, 14 4:07 am

Agreed, with a few exceptions.
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Postby Psychotic » Tue Feb 18, 14 7:46 am

There'll always be exceptions but it really is hilarious how good this game is in comparison to the majority of shooters out there. I mean really though, is it that hard to beat what has become the "norm"?

I actually liked DX:IW back in the day anyway. Sure, it was never as good as it's predecessor but it wasn't the worst game I'd ever played back then either.

In saying this, I tend to judge games on whether I'd replay them and whilst I did replay DX:IW a few times I've replayed the original so much more.
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Postby Mr357 » Tue Feb 18, 14 6:03 pm

I tried it for the first time recently, and major technical problems caused me to give up 15-20 minutes in.

I couldn't get it to go fullscreen or even an adequate size in windowed, so some things, such as simply looking up key bindings, were impossible. When modifying the the config files doesn't work, nothing will.

If I can get a properly working version I'll give it another try.
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