Need help with my upcoming archive

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Need help with my upcoming archive

Postby Dark191 » Fri Nov 26, 21 2:10 pm

I've been working on an archive for weeks now. I've been looking for and found quite a lot of maps at places, but there are still some maps that i am missing due to them not being up anywhere. I need old players to post links to their Cache folder zipped up so that i can find and put maps up on my Archive. I will post link to the archive very soon, possibly in the middle of next month. You can also help me by sending dumps of maps, that you have. Doesn't matter what map you have, just send over what you have to me via mediafire/ any filesharing sites. I will appreciate it a lot and i will credit you on my site properly

I have taken stuff from DefaultPlayer's Archive and Deus Ex Network archive with their permission. I've ripped the Whole Deus Ex network archive and took it's files and sorted them in my archive. I have also added in a lot of files that aren't in those archives, but even as i'm finding new content every day, i find that i'm still missing a lot of maps from the old days.

If Cache is sent to me, or old map files, then i'll sort them myself and be able to get the maps/.u files and stuff myself.

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