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Deus Ex Server Utilities

Postby DxPlayer » Fri Dec 31, 10 8:00 pm

Deus Ex Server Utilities

Deus Ex Server Utilities is a set of tools to help new and experienced players to host a home server on their machines.

Some of the features are:

-Starts a server and monitors it (generating a log file in the DXSU folder),
-User can check if it wants the server always running or not,
-It tests the connection of your pc to the internet,
-Makes it easier to install mods,
-Links to some useful sites,
-Has shortcuts of some Deus Ex configuration files,
and other stuff.


Download at Alpha's Deus Ex File Archive: ... s/
Thanks Alex!

Virus scan on ... d403583929

Unpack everything to DeusEx\System and run DXSU.exe . If you do something wrong the application itself will complain about missing files and give you the instructions.
Needs .Net Framework 3.5

Tested on:
Windows Xp, Vista and 7
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Postby WCCC » Fri Dec 31, 10 8:04 pm

Win. This is perfect for installing new DX mods when I go on a mod-downloading spree! I know all the technicals myself and don't really have to use this, but it saves a lot of hassle.
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Postby Shinobi » Mon Feb 21, 11 6:43 pm

I just used this. I likey. Even though I rarely ever bother hosting DX anymore....
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