MUTATIONS [Singleplayer mission series]

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MUTATIONS [Singleplayer mission series]

Postby James » Sat Apr 16, 11 12:40 am

A set of 6 single player maps for the Deus Ex die hard. In this Fan-Made mission, MJ12 has recovered an unknown chemical agent from a crashed spacecraft. You play as JC Denton, a trained augmented UNATCO agent, as Gary Savage sends you on a mission to disrupt illegal genetic experiments. You must find your way through 2 dungeon like levels, possibly fighting off mutants created by MJ12 scientists, to reach the main underground complex where the experiments are conducted. Since this is small mission not every weapon and augmentation is available. While not explicitly designed with stealth in mind, there are a few areas where stealth activity might be exploited, but if you don't act quickly it can turn against you. On the "Start New Game" menu, certain skills are set to "Trained". These skills can be further developed during the course of the game play. Other skills are set to "Master". There are no initial skill points. You earn points during game play. Tested with original DX1 files.
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